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May 11, 2011

here i am again

I fell in love with blogging over a year ago when I documented my time studying abroad in London for a semester. I did get hooked and loved making new posts when I had something new and exciting to write about! Unfortunately when I arrived back in the States, summer was here but I was working my first full-time internship and did not do a whole lot to make it worth documenting.

Hopefully, things have changed.

I graduate soon. Like, in two days. It’s crazy. My collegiate career is fast approaching its end, something I thought would never get here at times. So what will I do with all my free time when I have no homework to do, papers to write, or tests to study for? Well, besides scouring the internet for job postings to apply for to begin my “grown-up” life, I thought it would be a good hobby to start up a new blog to help with my restlessness sitting at home with nothing to do all day!

My aim is to highlight the ups and downs of my life and my job search, as well as share my love of baking, running, yoga, traveling, marketing and whatever else comes up in my life!

Hope you enjoy coming along in My Search of Summer.