change of address

Don’t worry, I haven’t moved so you can still send my graduation cards to the same address haha.

The real address I am referencing is for the blog. I had almost everything perfected on my blogspot blog, and then I went to it on Saturday to start a new post and all of my layouts, pictures and pages were gone. I had a little freak out. Hours were wasted and now I had to start all over. I had used blogspot for my London blog with no problem, but this event made me question whether I actually wanted to use it for my new blog. Since I was only one post in and everything else was gone, I figured I should look into other services to see what I wanted to do.

Well, as you can see I decided on WordPress. I am still getting familiar with this system, and unfortunately it is not as easy to navigate as blogspot, but I can tell it will be much more integrated once I finally figure everything out! The biggest change is not having Google Analytics on it – still trying to figure that out! Needless to say, my blog is still a work in progress but it will definitely keep me busy getting it perfected.

Now, onto other changes. I am now officially graduated! Empty diploma cover and all!

It’s a very anticlimactic feeling. College is over. I can no longer categorize myself as student, something I have been able to identify with for as long as I can remember. And for once in my life I do not know what’s coming next. This is not a typical summer break, I won’t have classes to go back to this fall and I do not currently have a job of any kind. Numerous resumes have been sent out but it’s time for me to play the waiting game. I know eventually something will come up, but it’s the unknowing that’s going to drive me up the wall. At least I will have time to devote to this ;).

So check back often as I am expecting there to be numerous changes and posts throughout the week since I’ve got no where else to be haha. And I think some baking might be in order for this afternoon…

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