spontaneous garden

Yesterday was gorgeous.  Sunny, warm, it was a shame to be inside.  I woke up very early for a weekend, before 7am.  I guess when technically every day is a weekend for me and I rarely use an alarm clock, I naturally wake up early.  Not quite as sleep deprived as I used to be ;).

We had plans to head to Breadsmith to use up a Groupon I bought a few weeks back (3 loaves of bread for $7!).  They didn’t open until 8, so we relaxed around for a bit before heading to get some fresh baked bread!  Someone definitely wanted to come with… he loves little trips in the car, especially when he can walk around the block in a different place!

We decided to get Honey Sunflower Whole Wheat which was  Sunday special – and was made with 100% whole wheat!  We came home, Kinley made us french toast with the new bread and then we headed back outside to do some yard work.  Kinley mowed and I took a clippers to some expanding bushes in the back yard.  Then, inspiration struck.  Let’s plant a garden in this weeded over plot of dirt in the back yard!  haha.

We headed to a nearby garden store, bought some seedlings and brought them home.  After digging holes and filling with some new plant soil, the seedlings were ready to go in.

Also, some fertilizer spikes to help these babies grow… hopefully.

I made sure to give them plenty of water.

Please grow.

7 Responses to “spontaneous garden”

  1. I take it that picture of Croz was taken before I attacked him with the scissors for his “haircut”…

    And are the plants surviving the storm right now???

    • I’m not sure when that pic was taken… but I thought it looked like he was ready to go! haha.

      And they’re still surviving currently… but it’s raining REALLY bad…

      • Well, he did pretty much have to go everywhere with us this weekend so he was in one of those moods :D

        And did you stand over them with an umbrella to protect them?? ;)

      • No, I didn’t since even I do not have an umbrella anymore… :/. I thought the rain water might be good for them? The nice clean, pure, Milwaukee rain water? haha

  2. Oh my how our garden did grow!! Let’s hope we actual get some produce from it now!!!!!


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