what i ate wednesday #3

WIAW is making weeks go WAY too fast… haha.  It seems like I was just eating last week’s food!  Unfortunately, storms were in the forecast throughout the day today so my pictures had to be taken inside – so please forgive their darkness!  I tried to find all of the natural light I could get ;).


OIAJ “Oatmeal in a Jar”

The creamy and chunky peanut butter jars from the PB&J Bar were almost gone, so Kinley and I both got to have our oatmeal in one!  Hers in the creamy jar, mine in the chunky.  This is seriously the most delicious thing ever.  Steel-cut oats with chia and a cut-up banana mixed in after cooking, topped with Quinoa Granola (Kinley made this, I’ll see if she wants to do a guest post on it in the near future, or make a batch myself ;) ).

I also had a glass of Green Plant Juice from Trader Joe’s.  As long as you can get over drinking the color, you can only taste the fruit juices in it and get all of the added benefits of green superfoods!

Mid-Morning Snack:

Fuji Apple


Leftover Mexican Lime Millet Succotash

Baby Carrots + Smoothie (made this one but subbed unsweetened chocolate almond milk + added spinach)

Afternoon Snack:

Peanut Butter & Jelly Lärabar and an Orange


Potato and Kale Enchiladas from the Veganomicon cookbook and Trader Joe’s Refried Beans

Not only was my day entirely dairy-free, it was completely wheat/gluten free as well!  Kind of a mexican-inspired lunch and dinner combo, but they both tasted entirely different – and really, there’s nothing wrong with too much mexican food, right?

7 Comments to “what i ate wednesday #3”

  1. The picture subjects are really quite photogenic! Not dark at all – and fun “groupings” you’ve created!

    • Yeah, I ended up finding a spot on the table where the light from the window ended up coming in which worked out well! The morning one is the darkest since the sun wasn’t fully out yet ;). I’m looking forward to our “lunch date” tomorrow!

  2. Yum on those OIAJ! That’s my favorite breakfast for sure!

  3. Those enchiladas look amazing! I’m definitely inspired. :)

    Happy WIAW!

  4. oooh those enchiladas look dreamy!!!! =)

  5. You were really rockin the green foods yesterday :D

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