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June 10, 2011


Did I mention I have a minor in German?  I actually have studied German for about 8 years… but besides a couple short trips to Germany I have never been able to be immersed in the German language so most of what I have is random words and phrases here and there.  For example:

“Du bist so rot wie ein Krebs!”  (Literal translation: You are as red as a crab! aka You’re sunburnt!)

“Auf der anderen Straße Seite!”  (On the other side of the street!)

“Imbissstube” (Snack bar – I just love the fact that there are THREE s’s in a row – due to a no longer accepted ß*)

And the last I will share today on my list of random German words & phrases… nervös.


As in what I’m feeling right now.  I have my first 10k tomorrow.  I have only run in one previous race before, a 5k which did not go so well for me last November.  I had good intentions of training for that one but only started a couple weeks before the race, and ended up being extremely over-dressed for the day… and it was also more competitive than I thought as well as on a cross country route (I had been used to training on the road).  All this made me swear off doing another race EVER AGAIN.

Well… that obviously didn’t stick.  And I’m glad it didn’t.  Hopefully I don’t regret it after tomorrow.

I have continued to run and increase mileage as well as figure out what works for me and what does not.  I’m trying to take it slowly to avoid injury and make sure it is manageable for me because I definitely want to continue running for (I hope) the rest of my life.  And I will be able to start a collection of metals ;).

My goal for this race?

To finish.

Would I like to maintain a certain pace?

Yes, but I will not beat myself over it if I do not meet it.  I will be racing in a new environment with almost 20,000 other participants in weather that may or may not be ideal.  I for sure want to meet a pace that will take me out of the last starting bracket for the Disney World 1/2 Marathon I am signed up for in January (which is a pace of approximately 12:30, definitely doable even if I need a walking break).

I am able to run this.  I will run this.  But I am still nervös.

*ß = ss

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