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June 16, 2011

crazy eights

I sometimes have a specific post in mind for the day.  Whether it is a recipe I made the day before, random ramblings I had been thinking about recently, special things I have done or places I have gone.  Today was not one of those days.  I had no idea what I was going to post.  I had no burst of inspiration, I didn’t really feel like cooking anything today and I only have about one granola recipe which could have maybe possibly been posted.  I woke up with little motivation, and thankfully I asked Kinley to tell me what I should do in terms of exercise to at least make sure I made it out of the house.  Thank goodness I did.

She told me I should try to run a fast 2miles, to work on increasing my speed which is something I really want to work on.  I set out to run in an 0 shape around a couple of blocks to make sure that I had space at the end for a cool-down walk.  I left, running at a pace which was uncomfortable but not to the point where I was completely out of breath.  I had gone about 3/4 of the way around my planned route, but decide to cut down the middle of the block because I knew I was going to run out of  road and didn’t want to double back, making a figure 8.

My total time ended up being 18:25.

And one of those miles was 8:53.

Crazy eights.

I didn’t set out to get my fastest time for two miles or even one, but I managed to beat both my PR’s according to my Nike+.  Both times had previously been in the 9’s (19minutes something & 9minutes).

It keeps amazing me how much I have improved in my running over the past 7 1/2 months and how strong my body has become.  I will definitely not be pushing myself in speed too much to avoid injury, I might try a similar workout about once a week but no more than that.  There’s nothing like a good workout to brighten an uninspiring day!  Might even have to go out and read in the sun for a bit since it finally decided to peak its head out!