a day at the track


Kin and I were at Trader Joe’s over the weekend doing our usual shopping for the week.  Have you ever noticed how chatty the cashiers are?  Is this something new they told everyone to do, or are we the lucky shoppers who get grilled on our nightly plans?  Well, our cashier asked us what we were planning for Father’s Day and I told her we were going to the races with our dad.  To me, I have only known “going to the races” to mean one thing.  Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.  In fact, there is a picture of me around 9months old laying on a blanked while my family was “at the races”.  I never really gave much thought into what other people perceive as “going to the races”.  Cars?  Dogs?  Horses?  Cars of course.

My dad’s two favorite hobbies are going to the races and going sailing.  Possibly because both can be done while drinking beer?!  Well, it just so happened that Father’s Day was on the weekend of the June Sprint Car races, so that’s what he wanted to do and Kin and I happily obliged (as well as the pup, Crosby who was brought along and is obviously extremely photogenic).  I figured a day sitting out in the June sun would be nice!

Although the weather did not cooperate.  I spent the day under cover with plenty of blankets.  Not so much sun for me…  But it was still a fabulous Father’s Day outing :).  Hope you enjoyed your day, dad!  Happy Father’s Day again!

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3 Comments to “a day at the track”

  1. No cat races?? Could have sworn I read that… That would be funny to watch!

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