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June 21, 2011

sun + summer

Happy Summer!  Hopefully it feels more like summer where you are than here… currently there is so much fog I can barely see the street in front of my house…  I am really missing the sun!

One of my [recent] favorite things to do when seasons change is to participate in the 108 sun salutation class at my local Yoga studio (they only offer it at the turn of the seasons).  The first time I did it was this past fall, so this will be my fourth time and will complete all the seasons!  It truly is a test of not only strength, but endurance.  It is 108 repetitive sun salutations, 4 sets of 27 and the instructor keeps track with coffee beans or small beads.  Why 108?  Click here for a brief overview.

It’s a fun tradition to do at the turn of the seasons and is a good workout as well!  My hamstrings definitely feel it the next day!

On another note – I have a third interview for a job this afternoon!  Maybe the turn in the season will translate in a turn of opportunities for me on the job front ;).  Wish me luck!