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July 8, 2011

spontaneous garden {update}

You might remember this spontaneous garden we planted near the beginning of June, just about a month ago.  Well, many things can change in a month.  Can you believe that little garden has grown and already produced some produce?

Hopefully this head of broccoli is still good… I cut it off today but I think it might have been left a little too long… but I ate a piece and it is tasty so hopefully we don’t have to scrap it!

This spaghetti squash continues to grow longer and longer… there have been some huge flowers on it but no signs yet of a squash.  I think they come after the flower goes away so we may have awhile yet.

Zucchini!  We have (at last count) SEVEN zucchini growing!  One has a teeny nibble out of it, but nothing else so hopefully whoever bit the one found another garden somewhere else!

And something I noticed this morning – little tomatoes!  They’re so cute, can’t wait until they’re red!

Little blossoms on the beans.

As well as the peppers although it looks like something more is about to come!

Unfortunately the eggplant never really established so it’s not looking too healthy.  Might have to move that to make way for the tomato plants that were originally put in the planters!

The squash on the left was actually grown from a seed – can you believe it?  That will need to be transplanted soon!  Strawberries (on right) haven’t given us anything for a while…

And of course, Crosby has continued to keep close watch on the garden!

I think he’s the only one of us who has a green thumb!  Thanks, Crosby!