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July 26, 2011

day #2

Let me just start by saying it is quite the adjustment going from having zero things one week, to a full time job the next!  But I have been managing (but really, it’s only been two days and I still have three to go before this week is over haha).  Getting up in the morning has been fine, even with that 4:30am wake up call – I don’t technically need to wake up this early but I like to be able to exercise in the morning and have plenty of time in case I get distracted, which happens quite often in the early hours of the day.  I did notice this morning that my eyes are more bloodshot – I’m guessing just from not being used to waking up by an alarm?

Work has been going very fast, which is somewhat a good and a bad thing!  My official hours are 8:30-4:30 (although sometimes longer if necessary) with a 30 minute lunch break.  It’s so nice having that extra hour of “cushion” around what I was used to last summer at my internship that was 8-5 + an hour drive time both there and back.  Oh, and I might have mentioned this before but my new job is only 5 miles away!  Definitely will be breaking out the bike at some point once I get some time in and the temp calms down a bit.

I was given a tentative schedule with a few meetings for my first week and I am already being given my own small projects to work on for an upcoming conference – pretty simple stuff but it’s nice to have my own thing to run with even if it is just copying templates from last year and putting in new info.  I am trying to catch on to the clients as fast as I can but there are so many different policies and procedures that it’s taking some time and therefore taking time away from the more general learning – but all in due course since I am hoping to stick around here for as long as I can ;).  I also have to get some sort of organizational system in place so I don’t get lost in what paper I do have around (although the office is as paperless as it can get, which is awesome!).

Other random things…

This is my desk chair!

I have 4 email addresses – don’t ask.

I can walk around barefoot if there aren’t any visitors in the office ;).

There’s almond milk stocked in the fridge.

Aaand I’m already headed on a business trip next week!  More about that once it gets closer.

Hopefully everything continues to go somewhat smoothly the rest of the week and I am able to get caught up with everything as soon as possible.