what i ate wednesday #11

Welcome to What I Ate WedTuesday!  I have only ever posted what I have actually eaten on Wednesdays – since that’s what the whole thing’s about, right?  Well, today I leave for my first-ever business trip to California – rough, right?  And who knows when I will actually be getting to my hotel and I am also not quite ready to bring up the whole “I’m a blogger” thing to my bosses when they ask why I’m taking a picture of my food…  So in order to make my life easier (and be able to post today) I took pictures of my eats today to share with you all – and it was a very delicious day if I do say so  myself :).



The most delicious bowl of oats ever.  There are definitely more mornings than not when I use one of Ashley’s recipes and this was my first ever attempt at this one – and it will definitely not be the last!  French Toast Oatmeal with blueberries, raw almond butter, pecans and maple syrup of course.

Mid-Morning Snack & Lunch

I dug into the melon in the morning (darn running in the morning makes me so hungry!).  Lunch was leftover Latin Lentils with a brown rice tortilla, hummus and carrots.

Afternoon Snack

Rice cakes with PB2 and the most delicious Jazz apple!  I have had such a hard time finding good apples this summer so I was really glad we tried these – sweet + crisp.  Perfection.


There’s nothing wrong with having breakfast twice in one day.  There is also nothing wrong with having maple syrup more than once a day.  It was Pancakes for dinner again because they are delicious.  Green Pineapple-Mango Smoothie on the side.

I also had a couple of these when I was checking in for my flight :).  Happy Wednesday everybody!


10 Comments to “what i ate wednesday #11”

  1. hey I just found your blog and love your WIAW eats your pics rock !!

  2. Ohhh yes!!! French toast oats are one of my favs!!!! :) So so glad you liked. Lovely photos!

  3. Nothing beats a bowl of oats in the morning! It looks amazing :D

  4. I am glad you found that natural light from the window. I like the feel it gives the photos :)

    • I know I am loving that window! Hopefully the light keeps cooperating for me in it, especially when it gets cold out! Can you tell I’m chilly sitting outside right now? Should have brought a sweatshirt!

  5. Those oats look awesome and i totally get not photographing your food at work functions :)
    Lovely eats and breakfast for supper is just totally necessary sometimes!
    Happy wiaw :)

  6. great eats! I was totally craving breakfast for dinner but my fiancee wanted a “proper meal” so I obliged…..still want breakfast tho! :-)

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