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August 8, 2011

coming home

I got back into town yesterday from my business trip to gorgeous Sonoma, CA.  I wish I could have that weather every single day of the year – it was perfection.  60’s when the sun wasn’t out (perfect for morning runs!) and 80’s during the day.  Can I please go back???  No?  Gah.  I had meant to stay on top of blogging when I was gone, figuring I would have time and free wifi in the room – but that was definitely not the case.  No time, and only free wifi by the pool that I did not have time to sit by.

Well, that’s being a bit dramatic.  I did have a few hours of free time a couple of the days, but I decided to spend that time outside running into Sonoma (the resort I was staying at was 1 mile away) rather than sitting on my computer.  I loved being outside and seeing the mountains surrounding the entire place.  That is something Wisconsin is severely lacking.  Flatness is so over-rated.  I was in Sonoma organizing a conference for my work (and by organizing I mean trying to do everything my boss was telling me to do since I hadn’t ever done anything for this particular client before haha).  I think I did a good job however, no one ever got frustrated with me and the wonderful attendees came to me with their questions since they actually trusted me!

The only people who did not trust me were the bartenders.  Of course when you are in wine country, you have to drink wine.  It’s a give-in.  Especially when it was free wine.  But each and every time I got the question of, “are you 21?”.  Really?  I’m surrounded by adults, helping to organize the conference and even wearing jackets with my outfits.  I know I should be flattered, but just once I wish I looked legal.  Well, I suppose there was Saturday night when a 12 year old asked how many kids I had.  That didn’t feel so good ;).

There are a few different posts I want to do about Sonoma, so I’m not going to give away too much right now.  Plus, I am still trying to catch up on the over 100 new posts on my Google Reader I did not have time to read since Wednesday morning – which still continue to grow as we speak!  I’ve also got a few loads of laundry to do tonight and attempting to get to sleep early – work today was rough trying to keep my eyes open!  I am definitely ready for the weekend and it’s not even Tuesday!