sonoma: the sights i saw

I feel like I’ve been a terrible blogger lately.  I didn’t post last weekend because I was gone and this week I have been posting later and later… and with nothing really all that spectacular.  Well, I am planning to try and get a head start on next week this weekend so I can have some nice, quality posts throughout the week!  In the meantime, please take a look at the beautiful Sonoma, CA sights I saw.  There weren’t too many since I was inside working most of the day, but there are a few gorgeous ones.  And try not to hate me too much when looking at them – just remember that my trip was primarily business :).

The resort the conference was at.  I loved all the palm trees!

One of the out buildings of the resort – complete with free wine tastings!  Unfortunately I did not partake in it :(.

The Stone Building.  With, by far, the most beautiful garden.  I need some of those hanging lights in my future yard someday.  Or just move here.  Either way.

The pool.  Need I say more?

I want one of these chairs.

I loved that you could look out from the deck and see MOUNTAINS!  That is something Wisconsin is clearly missing.  No matter which way I looked, I could see the mountains off in the distance!

These are actually various businesses – but look like cute little houses!

Ahh, more mountains :).

And of course I needed to take a picture of this for Crosby.  Sonoma is very dog friendly.  I am pretty sure Crosby wants to go on a trip, because since I have failed at emptying out my suitcase and putting it away, Crosby has found a nice little “nest” in one of the sides.  Oh boy…

If you missed out on some of the food I ate in Sonoma, please, feel free to look at my food post :).  And guess what – it’s almost FRIDAY!


4 Responses to “sonoma: the sights i saw”

  1. Let’s move. Now. I am sure they need paralegals out there?? And I need wine. And Crosby needs your suitcase cause clearly he does not have enough “beds” in this house.

    • I’m in. Except I probably couldn’t find a job. And I’m not going on any more interviews. Ever. And Crosby can feel free to have my suitcase – except I really should put it away tomorrow so I stop stubbing my toe on it :/.


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