sneaky gluten

I used to never give a second thought to gluten.  Didn’t really know what it was except for some mention of it during episodes of The View and listening about Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s fight with Celiac Disease.  I also had a friend in High School who was allergic to gluten and I just figured she couldn’t eat normal bread – and that I would absolutely die if that was the case for me.  Well, many years later I now find myself with some kind of aversion to gluten.  Whether it be an intolerance or something else, I do not know, but all I know is that my body is not a fan most of the time.  Case in point, July 4th.  Half a sprouted wheat hot dog bun.  Felt sick for the rest of the week to the point of only wanting to eat fruit for dinner the next night (that never happens).

It’s surprising all of the foods that contain gluten.  My mom sent me a link this week to a Dr. Oz show on gluten (mostly talking about it in terms of a diet which is SO not a good idea).  If you think dropping gluten from your eating plan is going to help lose a couple of pounds you are sorely mistaken, however if you remove gluten because of side-effects, well then you’ve really got no choice if you want to try and live a somewhat happy, healthy life.  If it truly is an intolerance (or something more), be sure to check out your toothpaste and never even think about licking an envelope closed.  Gluten, sneaky gluten.

Well, remember the frozen yogurt I somewhat hinted about yesterday?  I got the cake batter flavor, naive enough to believe that since it was smooth, soft-serve frozen yogurt there was just flavorings added to make it have the cake batter taste… boy was I wrong.  Gluten.  In frozen yogurt.  Seriously, what is this world coming to.  Fortunately, my symptoms today are far less severe than my sisters – she’s pretty much miserable and I feel so bad for her and what she’s going through.  Hopefully since it was minute traces of gluten in the yogurt the side-effects go away before the weekend is over.  Although it is a horrible way to spend the weekend.

We also realized we should probably start buying only gluten-free oats – even though the good ol’ Quaker Oats are cheap, I don’t think it’s worth the risk anymore.  My co-workers are getting a big batch of granola made with the regular oats on Monday I believe :).

I still have no idea how intolerant I am.  After the 4th of July incident I feel like I had a greater reaction to it, and yet today Kinley is feeling the blunt of that wicked gluten protein.  There’s also really no way to test for it at this point either.  The test requires you to be eating gluten for anywhere between 1-3 weeks to see if the antibodies spring up, but after having bad stomachaches and other issues after 1/2 a hot dog bun or a small scoop of frozen yogurt, there is absolutely no way either of us will make it through an entire week.  Although I might start thinking up a list of foods I miss just in case it comes to that point haha – although I’d make it through a meal and probably not want to eat for the rest of the week :/.

So for now, we’re going to heighten our defenses and awareness to gluten containing products and try and purchase items labeled gluten free.  It won’t be the easiest on our pocketbooks, but if it’ll make out stomach’s calm down it’s so worth it.  Especially since I am the proud owner of my first official paycheck :).  If only I felt up to doing something to celebrate.

Symptoms I have experienced (taken from a list found on Sure Foods Living):

  • stomachaches/cramping
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • sleepiness
  • brain fog
  • intense ice cravings (also might have to do with low iron)
  • cold
  • dehydrated even though I drink a ton of water
  • knee joint pain (and cracking)
  • constipation
  • lactose intolerance
  • hair loss (in the past)
  • nosebleeds

I realize these symptoms are vague and very random, but I have experienced each and every one of them… a lot of them are happening currently.  All I can say is I can’t wait to visit BabyCakes at Disney in January.  Having many more gluten free options available is the only thing that is making the switch tolerable – but still extremely annoying and something that I always have to be thinking about.  No matter if I’m going out for frozen yogurt or sending a letter in the mail, gluten is there to taunt me.

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5 Responses to “sneaky gluten”

  1. Well said sister and all I can say is good thing you make money now cause grocery shopping just got even more complicated… and now I know, ALWAYS check for gluten…

    And hopefully next weekend we can celebrate somewhere? I was hoping we could this weekend but well, you know…


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