I started this blog in May 2011 after graduating with my MBA and Bachelors (Marketing & International Business) as a way to document my journey into my “grown-up” life.  I love to write, which is one of the main reasons I love to blog – it lets me have a creative outlet so to speak.  I also love to (mostly) be as healthy as I can – I’m getting better but definitely have days where I need chocolate…  I eat clean, whole foods as well as avoid dairy & gluten.  No matter what I am eating, I try my best to choose the most ethically sound option available.

I have always loved to bake.  My weakness is cookies and have luckily figured out awesome gluten free options to bake myself (for those chocolate days ;) ).  Muffins are also baked frequently in this household – you’re welcome :).  Transitioning to gluten free baking was difficult to take at first, but now my confidence is growing and am less intimidated by non-wheat flours – and my stomach sure does appreciate it!  You can find all of my baked goods and other kitchen creations on my recipes page!

Travel has always been a passion in my life and I lived a dream by studying abroad in London for a semester as well as being able to visit various other European countries.  I want to go back!  And I will go back!  And while the UK & Europe are amazing places to visit, I love traveling around the US as well, and hopefully will be able to do more of it in the future!

My favorite types of exercise are yoga and running – and I am trying to get myself to do more strength training as well – although I need to improve my skills in all three :).  I do love running races and have finished a couple – with many more awaiting me in the near future (including a 1/2 marathon!)!

I now have a job in Marketing (since July of 2011), and it keeps me very busy!  Still getting in the groove of realizing I am an actual employee and no longer having “intern” stuck to the title!

I think that’s just about enough for now – if there’s anything else, just ask!

kelseyrweaver @ gmail.com (take out the spaces, please!)

6 Comments to “about”

  1. Now you also need to add that you want to go to bread baking school in NYC ;) Too bad that $10k won’t just happen into the mailbox…

  2. Love your blog! It’s always nice to meet another Kelsey. :) I’m from Wisconsin (Madison) so I have lots of Wisco love. And your food looks delicious! Can’t wait to read more…

    • Thanks! Yes, us Kelsey’s need to stick together! I must admit, I am jealous of your life in Manhattan – I’ve only been to NYC once but I absolutely loved it ;).

  3. I have never met a fellow airport lover! They make me want to run up to people and say, “where are you going?!?”

    • That reminds me I have not been in an airport for WAY TOO LONG! I need to change that! I love wondering where everyone else is going along with the excitement that I get to go somewhere new and exciting!

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